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Saturday 16th January 2016
Starting at 5 pm SLT with over two hours of music.
With a specially prepared Bowie-themed installation, music, and dancing.
Join us to pay tribute to one of the greatest artists of our time.
Located at the Doors of Perception installation at Intermundia, Kress — the home gallery of veteran SL artist Nebulosus Severine.
TELEPORT HERE —> secondlife/Kress/170/91/639

bowie party promo

What A Weird Week It’s Been – But, Hey, I’ve Finally Woken Up From Cyberspace Cryosleep!

It has been a crazy week full of ups & downs, but my big news is that I was FINALLY able to purchase a (refurbished) laptop, which means I can finally devote more time to getting down with some art that requires some heavy-duty computer processing power.
Nebby returns to SL_001
Except that I don’t have a lot of time at the moment — my big move to the west coast is only about 5 weeks away.  Between now and then, I still have a TON of stuff to do.

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Am I Neb, Or Is Neb Me?

I’ve been back in Second Life for a couple of months now, & have had the chance to reacquaint myself with my avatar self, Nebulosus — and what it’s like to immerse oneself in a virtual world.


In the studio

neb working in sl_001

In the virtual studio

What is Real?  Who Am I?  Why Am I Here?

the pink lodge_002

The Pink Lodge

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La Petite Mort – My Tribute to Fracture, an 8+ Year Gathering Place & Labor of Love in Second Life

Fracture, a Second Life club of sorts with a loyal, long-lasting following, was built about eight years ago by the inimitable music curator & DJ extraordinaire, Beta Bates.  It has weathered a lot of changes, but is still going strong.

Fracture’s tagline:

Fracture.  If you’re here you probably know the deal.  Awesome music.  Queer safe space.  All are welcome, but respect your sisters & brothers & others.

When I say “loyal,” I mean that a lot of its regulars have known each other & have been friends for years — many of whom have met each other in real life, and continued friendships and relationships in meatspace as well.

Hanging out with Beta

Neb & Beta

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Making Machinima again in Second Life

I found a free/open-source video capture program, so I can now capture video of the stuff I have been working on in Second Life.
I made this orb thing to test some new (or new to me, anyway) graphics enhancements to texturing within SL.
(The structure in the background is one of the cool geometric creations by the talented Suzanne Graves).

The Pink Lodge – My First Completed Artwork in 2015 is Now Open at ArtFest 4

My latest Second Life work, The Pink Lodge, was inspired by the work of David Lynch and my own recent visits to some of the iconic filming locations of the cult classic 90s TV series, Twin Peaks.


Twin Peaks day trip, Snoqualmie & North Bend, WA, 2015

I was invited to participate in ArtFest 4, an artist gathering that is open to all sorts of artistic content, from SL snapshots to music to performance art.  According to their event information, ArtFest “…is a CHARITY art competition to raise funds for disaster relief.  100% of the $L [Linden dollars] raised with ArtFest is converted to [real] money, and donated to the Red Cross/Crescent (Via their Everyday Heroes program).”
(Bracket emphasis mine)

pink lodge_001

The Pink Lodge – teaser image

If you’re in Second Life, you can visit The Pink Lodge by clicking the link —> Eclectic Diversity (243,84,21)

Click the info box for viewing instructions, and don’t forget to vote while you’re visiting!  Voting proceeds go to the Red Cross.

pink lodge_00_002

The Pink Lodge – teaser image 2

Help a broke-ass student by purchasing some Halloween stuff I made in Second Life!

The HALLOWEEN SHOP at Numinous in Second Life is open for the season!

I am desperately in need of funds as the Fall school semester approaches.  One of my biggest expenses needed is a new laptop.  I am selling Halloween items in SL to help me raise the money I need!

Numinous halloween shop 2014

My current laptop, which I’ve had for almost 2 years, is reaching the end of its life.  I absolutely need a new one for school and my art/design career.  The old one is unable to run anything other than a text client, so I will not be able to fully return to SL until I can manage to get a NEW laptop.  My goal is to have one by September!

Teleport —> Here

Most of the items for sale can be found in the vendors neat the entrance.
Grab some freebies from TRICK OR TREAT village!  Hang out & enjoy the scenery!

I also have a Marketplace shop, if you’d like to preview some of the things for sale:
NUMINOUS at the Second Life Marketplace

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…your deepest fears and defects will take your control…

In the Destination Guide I found a place called El Laberinto Perdido by artist Romy Nayar.

The atmosphere is dark, dark, dark.  This interactive installation is some of the best surrealist interactive artwork I’ve seen in Second Life.  It’s spooky and unsettling.

El Laberinto Perdido by Romy Nayar


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“Politics seems to be a dirty word to artists here. But politics seeps into everything we do.”

Miso Susanowa’s current Second Life installation, State of Mind, offers a critical look at the state of paranoid surveillance, lack of privacy, & corruption in the modern industrialized world.  It seems to be an updated version of an installation of the same name first built in 2010.

“In 2010 people were saying I was paranoid & crazy to worry about such things. So this is a kind-of ‘I told you so’ moment…
It made me kinda ill when I was doing this the first time. It hurt my brain, all the research.”

— Miso Susanowa

The installation is arranged to invoke a sort of playful room, with bright, colorful posters displaying thinly-veiled propaganda and games throughout; there’s even a movie theatre.  Beneath its “family friendly” and patriotic exterior lies a very dire message to be mindful of the powers that scrutinize, shape, and manipulate our lives.

The influence of television as a medium of communication is prominent throughout; one room of the installation includes two TV-related artworks by artist Elie Maurice (loup.erin).

“The TV on the wall plays random sound bytes from my childhood television habits…
To me, I quit watching TV a long time ago. I notice the aural pollution of it; it drives me crazy.”

— Miso Susanowa

See this amazing and thought-provoking artwork while you can!  SLurl is posted below.

Thank you to Miso Susanowa for the (impromptu) interview & for the artwork itself!

"State of Mind" by Miso Susanowa

The entrance to State of Mind

 At the entrance, be sure to grab an armband from the kiosk to the left, and wear it — y’know, for your SAFETY.  Don’t worry, the police will harass you anyway.

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