I Think That Tea Is My New Religion


Tea time at Intermundia

I have always loved drinking tea, but in the past few years I have become increasingly obsessed with it.

Part of this is thanks to my increased exposure to really high-grade teas.

In ye olden days, I used to collect box after box of Celestial Seasonings (herbal tisanes, not actually tea, so I will not refer to it as such), Twinings (their Earl Grey used to be one of my jams for a long time) Good Earth Tea (which I used to love til I found out that their cinnamon flavor was artificial), Harney & Sons (shockingly — especially for a supposed high-end tea — they use a lot of artificial flavorings, too) and the like.

Then, a few years ago, some tea-loving co-workers got me into collecting a ton of loose tea, either ordered online from places like Adagio Tea and Simpson & Vail, or purchased at Ren Faires and farmers markets.  Those teas are definitely far above supermarket stuff.  Made me swear off pre-bagged tea forever —  I upgraded to “rolling my own”, buying empty tea bag paper from Daiso & filling them with my tea of choice.

HOWEVER — my partner has introduced me to the Holy Grail of high-quality tea, which lives in a shop not far from his place.  Lucky for us, because we are both OBSESSED.

Xiu Xian Tea - Kent, WA

Xiu Xian Tea in Kent, WA

Don’t get me wrong — I still like some flavored teas and herbal infusions.  But learning to appreciate the taste of fine tea and all its myriad flavors and nuances — instead of covering it up with other additives — is a complete game-changer.  I thank Xiu Xian Tea, a shop in WA, for deepening my tea education. Forget Teavana, and FUCK all that powdery stuff in pre-made bags.  Xiu Xian is a fine example of a legit tea shop.

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With only a week left before school starts again, it’s time for another round of…

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Ellington Farmers Market — flowers and mint chocolate chip gelato.

Lots & LOTS of photos behind the cut.

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