Chewy, one of the 2 stray cats we’ve been feeding & sheltering for about 12 years, is missing.

She showed up on our doorstep when we first moved into this house about 12 years ago, and if we hadn’t already had cats, we probably would have taken her in. We assumed that someone in our neighborhood who moved probably just abandoned her. We named her Chewy because, when you’d pet her, she’d be so happy that she’d kiss & lick & eventually bite you gently. We took her to the vet somewhat regularly to make sure she at least had her shots & all. During the colder months, we insisted on taking her inside to live in our basement where she could stay warm & safe, despite her reluctance to come indoors. She was always eager to get back outside again when the weather got warmer. She never strayed far from our porch and was always there to greet us as we came & went. She has always been an affectionate and gentle girl and seemed to have a happy life.

We haven’t seen her in 3 days, and for a day or so we assumed she was hiding out from the scary, noisy road construction that has been happening right in front of our house. But, she hasn’t returned, even at night time when everything is quiet, not even for food or water. At this point we are starting to realize that she may have passed away. We could tell she was getting up there in age, but had no clear signs that anything was wrong with her. She was probably at least 14 years old. I will really miss her, she was a very sweet cat. I feel a bit guilty too, thinking that we should have done more to make her life better. We love you, Chewy.  😦

Moving: It’s An Adventure [Part 3]

It has been a trying day.

I think I pretty much have the book-packing under control.  I’m shipping off the books I want to keep box by box (the rest are being sold on Ebay and/or via tag sale); some of my more treasured books (autographed copies, etc.) will be traveling with me.

My next plan of action has been to go through my closet and get serious about sorting out my clothes — what to keep, what to donate, what to throw away.  Of the clothes I am keeping, I wanted to also sort out the bare minimum of what I want to keep here, and what I will be shipping out west.

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