Moving: It’s An Adventure (Part 5)

It has been well over a month since my last update, and Moving Day is only 12 days away.  I am both excited and extremely anxious & sad about it.

What a whirlwind this past month has been.  Among the things that have happened in the last 30 days or so:

I’ve had the student art showcase at school, some doctor’s appointments, got my hair done, celebrated my 10th Second Life anniversary (aka my Rez Day), spent time cat-sitting, went to a couple of local theatre productions, had my graduation ceremony, (finally) had a (pretty successful) yard sale, went to a going-away party hosted for me by some dear friends, spent bonding time with my family, discovered that one of our outdoor/stray cats had died unexpectedly…  In between I’ve been packing like crazy, selling things on Ebay & local town classifieds.  Trying to sell the big items, my car & my exercise bike, sometime this week.  All the while, the process has become more complicated due to major road construction on my street.  Great timing.

My self-portrait diptych, ‘Hyper-Sentient_Self’ (archival inkjet print), 28×44″

Swanky doctor’s office

Neb’s 10th Rez Day

Neb’s 10th Rez Day

Cat sitting for Mr. Clover ❤

My graduation cap. Yes, I did use glitter. Yes, I did get it everywhere. Design is based on a painting I did, with a quote by my patron saint, VvG

Graduation panorama

Graduation ACC 002

Class of 2015!

I was awarded the President’s Medallion for Academic Excellence for achieving a perfect 4.0 GPA

Yard Salin’

Friends around the fire ❤

RIP Chewy 😦

Car 4 sale 😦


This week is crunch time.  I have to actually finish packing, for real.  I’ve been putting the rest of it off, because I am still somewhat in denial about the idea that I will never live in this house again in less than two weeks.  All of the things that make my room look like my room (the things hanging on the walls, etc) will have to come down.  It’s a weird feeling.  I’m excited for the adventures ahead of me, but also very traumatized about leaving behind my loved ones who live here on the east coast.

More updates soon, hopefully!

Moving: It’s An Adventure [Part 3]

It has been a trying day.

I think I pretty much have the book-packing under control.  I’m shipping off the books I want to keep box by box (the rest are being sold on Ebay and/or via tag sale); some of my more treasured books (autographed copies, etc.) will be traveling with me.

My next plan of action has been to go through my closet and get serious about sorting out my clothes — what to keep, what to donate, what to throw away.  Of the clothes I am keeping, I wanted to also sort out the bare minimum of what I want to keep here, and what I will be shipping out west.

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Moving: It’s an Adventure [Part 2]

My deadline for packing is only about 2 weeks away, and I feel like there is still so much I need to do.

Progress has been really slow because:

  • I need more boxes (which my roommate brings home from work for me periodically);
  • I need to obtain some plastic storage bins, but I can’t really afford to buy them so I am putting the word out that I am in search of ones that people are willing to donate or sell to me for really cheap;
  • I need more actual ROOM to arrange and organize my stuff.  The house I live in now is very crowded and cluttered (one of my roommates is a pack rat).  Most of what I own is crammed into my bedroom, or stuffed into the basement somewhere.  I have been putting aside a bunch of stuff I intend to sell (via yard sales/Craigslist), but I literally only have a few square feet of space in which to do that.

I had intended to do more today, but I had a rough time at my therapist’s this morning, and once I was home I didn’t want to go out again.  So today was spent partially going through my closet, weeding out a bunch of clothing I don’t want (and remarking to myself, ye gods, I actually used to wear that?!), setting aside some stuff for donations, and a few things to sell.  I also cleaned a bit around my desk, got rid of a ton of old paperwork I don’t need anymore, and consolidated a lot of my important paperwork (birth certificate, etc.).

One of the things I originally had planned to do today was drop off a box of art supplies.  Yesterday, I went through all of my art supplies and thinned it out.  Unfortunately, I will have to leave a lot behind and can only take the basic essentials.  I saved one medium-sized bin of things, but the rest is going to be donated to my school for future art students who might need them.  Most of my oil paints and a few blank canvases are already at Peri’s, so that’s something at least.  It sucks, but I can’t afford to bring everything with me.

I also need to make yet another trip to the post office.  I’ve sold a few things on Ebay (<— link there for anyone interested), and I need to mail another box of my books to my new address.  Box #1 has made it there safely, and Box #2 is on its way, hopefully.

I think I need to also finally visit the local food shelf tomorrow so that I can get at least SOME of my food for free.  I only make about 40 bucks a week, and I need all the money I can get for my current bills and moving expenses.  And I think I need to take a walk and meditate, too, because the stress has really been wearing me down.

Hard to believe that in less than 2 months, I should be on the road and heading to my new home.