Today Has Been Canceled, But Here, Have Some Art [Redux]

Here are the student artworks I would have matted today for an upcoming show at my school — if it had not been for my anxiety.

For what it’s worth, I’m going to post a preview of those works.  All of these were completed in my Independent Study illustration course (which I created myself) in the Fall 2014 (and my final) semester. I don’t have really great pictures of the non-digital ones, unfortunately — some haven’t been scanned yet for higher-res images, and one is too big to scan anyway.  Add a potato quality camera phone, and… well, they won’t look as good as they will in person.  Eh, I guess most art is like that anyway, right?

Posted in the chronological order in which they were created.

Project #1: Photo reproduction combining 2 artworks and/or photos

project 1 finished

‘The Ritual’ 22.5 in. X 36 in. Marker, and Prismacolor pencils on bristol paper; approx. 34 hours. Tough to get a decent picture of this because of its size.

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You should totally go, it’s my birthday week and there will be cake at the reception.

post traumatic surface flyer 001_small

Location: The Corridor Gallery (near the main front entrance of the college), Asnuntuck Community College, Enfield CT

Dates: Sept. 29 – Oct. 10, 2014
RECEPTION: Monday, Sept. 29, 7—9 PM

Gallery Hours: Mon-Thurs, 9 AM—9 PM Friday, 9 AM—4:30 PM Saturday, 9 AM—3 PM