Moving: It’s An Adventure (Part 6)

Moving Milestone:

Today I finished shipping all the boxes of books, CDs and DVDs.  I think.  There may be some stragglers that I dig up when I finish up with my packing, but… Yeah, it’s pretty much done.  The pics here are only a portion of what I shipped — I think in all, there were about 10 boxes.  And I still had to leave behind/sell/donate a lot of things.  😦  Well, I took the most important stuff, anyway.

I still have a lot of my stuff for sale on Ebay. —> LINK

AND I am still accepting donations to financially help us with the move. —> LINK

ANY and ALL help is extremely appreciated!!


Now that school is over, I have time to focus on things like self-promotion and…updating this blog!  I’ve been meaning to do a crowdfunder-type thing for quite awhile now.  That said, the laptop fundraiser is now LIVE!! If you aren’t able to donate, please at least signal-boost this to your friends!


If there was ever a time that I needed donations, it’s now. My car broke down today and won’t start. Also, one of our cats (Puzzle), has been urinating blood for the second week in a row despite being on antibiotics. It’s Finals week and I am desperate for help. I should have spent today doing homework but I spent most of it stranded in the cold until the tow truck showed up hours later. Fortunately my roommate came to help so that I wasn’t alone, at least. If you can afford to part with a few bucks, please send it here. I am extremely emotionally distraught, desperate, and feeling hopeless. I just want to finish my education and pull myself out of this hell that is poverty.

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Help a broke-ass student by purchasing some Halloween stuff I made in Second Life!

The HALLOWEEN SHOP at Numinous in Second Life is open for the season!

I am desperately in need of funds as the Fall school semester approaches.  One of my biggest expenses needed is a new laptop.  I am selling Halloween items in SL to help me raise the money I need!

Numinous halloween shop 2014

My current laptop, which I’ve had for almost 2 years, is reaching the end of its life.  I absolutely need a new one for school and my art/design career.  The old one is unable to run anything other than a text client, so I will not be able to fully return to SL until I can manage to get a NEW laptop.  My goal is to have one by September!

Teleport —> Here

Most of the items for sale can be found in the vendors neat the entrance.
Grab some freebies from TRICK OR TREAT village!  Hang out & enjoy the scenery!

I also have a Marketplace shop, if you’d like to preview some of the things for sale:
NUMINOUS at the Second Life Marketplace

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Paid Work & Commissions Wanted

I will be returning to CT soon and I NEED commission work for the month of August. I just found out that ACC’s library (where I am a student worker) will be closed until August 18th so I won’t get any hours from them for awhile. They only pay every 2 weeks, so I will not have any income from them until the end of the month, and I am broke. The new semester will be here REALLY soon and I desperately need money for rent, food, gas, and school supplies (including a new laptop). ANY help would be greatly appreciated.  Please bear in mind that any commissions/projects I take on will have to be completed by the end of August 2014.  

Additionally, you may donate funds to me if you are so inclined:

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