Since I returned to Second Life about a year ago, I’ve been trying to recapture a sense of community that I had lost.  It’s time to admit to myself that it isn’t going to happen.  Too much has changed, too many of the places where I felt at home are done & over with.

Le Cimetiere isn’t coming back.
ArthOle isn’t coming back.
Fracture is over (for me, at least).
The art scene is over (too corporate now, & only certain types of art & artists get any attention).
The world of Second Life moved on without me while I was gone.  I don’t have a place there anymore, though I might still come back to build for fun.

It’s time to move on.

Moving: It’s An Adventure (Part 8)

Despite being initially behind schedule, we are doing pretty well.

We made it to from Buffalo, NY to Milwaukee, WI by night time, as we planned.  And, we were able to spend a little time visiting some friends along the way — In Chicago, and in Milwaukee.

We had originally planned to stay overnight with our Milwaukee friends, but we both have colds and didn’t feel like sleeping on the floor — we really just needed a good night’s sleep, & didn’t want to get anyone else sick, anyway.

Of course, an epic road trip requires appropriate reading material.

First look at Project Sansar, the next virtual world Linden Lab is working on

Jo Yardley's Second Life

During his speech at the SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) Conference & Expo Ebbe talked a bit about Second Life, mentioning again some interesting (but not new to most of us) facts and figures, spoke of how The 1920s Berlin project was one of his favourite sims (hurrah!) and again had to tell everyone there that I am such a cry baby.

I never cry but when I explored my sim with the Oculus Rift for the first time and saw the Zeppelin fly over, something I’ve been dreaming about ever since I was a little girl, I did shed a little tear 😉

Most interesting to us was of course his talk of Project Sansar (working title), the next virtual world Linden lab is working on.
And Ebbe showed the first image related to Sansar.
Even though this was just a picture, not a screenshot or anything, it is still…

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Baltimore and Institutionalized Violence

Mandatory reading.

Jason Weixelbaum Publications and Research

Storm clouds over Baltimore around 6:30pm Monday, April 27 2015. Storm clouds over Baltimore around 6:30pm Monday, April 27 2015. Flames and broken glass intentionally left out.

Baltimore is in the thoughts of many people all over the world today. Last night’s violence is now another page in the annals of the often tragic relationship between black people and the police in the United States.

I am a historian of institutionalized violence and I live in Baltimore. It is impossible for me to stand aside and not reflect on recent events. Indeed, if there were ever important roles for a historian to play in troubled times – reflection is probably chief among of them. I study many things: science & technology, economic and political history, the history of war and genocide in Nazi Germany, and many other related subjects. Even though it is not my area of specialization, when you pursue multiple advanced degrees in US history, a considerable amount…

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Dear readers,
Some of you may remember me as a veteran SL artist. I was a very active member of various SL art circles (ArthOle, Not Possible in Real Life, Brooklyn Is Watching, etc.) up until about two and a half years ago when my PC died. Since that time I have only been able to log in sporadically with an old laptop that can only run a text client of SL. However, I am staying with my RL/SL partner until late March of 2015 and I am able to use their laptop for SL on most days.

Thus, I am looking to get involved with some projects again. I have land available and am planning to create gallery/artspace with thought-provoking, groundbreaking, subversive installation and interactive art to exhibit not only my work, but that of other artists too. The total land space will offer about 1100 prims. Additionally, I will be running some fundraising events to help me raise the money for a new laptop. I recently completed my Associates degree in Fine Arts and want to continue to further my education, but need a powerful machine to help me do that.

Please contact me if you have any interest in collaborating! I miss building and making art here and am looking forward to getting into it again soon.



Now that school is over, I have time to focus on things like self-promotion and…updating this blog!  I’ve been meaning to do a crowdfunder-type thing for quite awhile now.  That said, the laptop fundraiser is now LIVE!! If you aren’t able to donate, please at least signal-boost this to your friends!


If there was ever a time that I needed donations, it’s now. My car broke down today and won’t start. Also, one of our cats (Puzzle), has been urinating blood for the second week in a row despite being on antibiotics. It’s Finals week and I am desperate for help. I should have spent today doing homework but I spent most of it stranded in the cold until the tow truck showed up hours later. Fortunately my roommate came to help so that I wasn’t alone, at least. If you can afford to part with a few bucks, please send it here. I am extremely emotionally distraught, desperate, and feeling hopeless. I just want to finish my education and pull myself out of this hell that is poverty.

Make a Donation


…your deepest fears and defects will take your control…

In the Destination Guide I found a place called El Laberinto Perdido by artist Romy Nayar.

The atmosphere is dark, dark, dark.  This interactive installation is some of the best surrealist interactive artwork I’ve seen in Second Life.  It’s spooky and unsettling.

El Laberinto Perdido by Romy Nayar


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