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Alias: Nebulosus Severine. Artist. Designer. Librarian Assistant. Bookseller. Student. Acrylic & oils; canvas; ink; mixed media; New Media; metaverse; digital art.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Well, basically everybody agrees that 2016 was a flaming trash fire, but I wanted to take some time to go back and find the good things that happened to me this year.  For one thing, Peri and I both got accepted to Evergreen State College.  But lots of amazing things happened to me in 2016.  Here we go!

1.) My partner and I spent a weekend in Portland, hung out with a friend there, and took a beautiful scenic drive on the way back home.
2016 in review - January (1)

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Since I returned to Second Life about a year ago, I’ve been trying to recapture a sense of community that I had lost.  It’s time to admit to myself that it isn’t going to happen.  Too much has changed, too many of the places where I felt at home are done & over with.

Le Cimetiere isn’t coming back.
ArthOle isn’t coming back.
Fracture is over (for me, at least).
The art scene is over (too corporate now, & only certain types of art & artists get any attention).
The world of Second Life moved on without me while I was gone.  I don’t have a place there anymore, though I might still come back to build for fun.

It’s time to move on.

Saturday 16th January 2016
Starting at 5 pm SLT with over two hours of music.
With a specially prepared Bowie-themed installation, music, and dancing.
Join us to pay tribute to one of the greatest artists of our time.
Located at the Doors of Perception installation at Intermundia, Kress — the home gallery of veteran SL artist Nebulosus Severine.
TELEPORT HERE —> secondlife/Kress/170/91/639

bowie party promo

Too Many Flowers – Closing on Sat., 1 August, 2015

Too Many Flowers, the provocative installation by Nebulosus Severine at the INTERMUNDIA gallery, will close & be dismantled on 1st August, 2015.

Too Many Flowers (preview image)Too Many Flowers (preview image) Too Many Flowers (preview image) (bed)

Nebulosus is currently looking for a new venue for the installation, with hopes to expand upon it and bring it to a wider audience.
Please join the Intermundia Meta-Kosmonauts group for future announcements about the art of Nebulosus and guest artists at INTERMUNDIA.

TP here –>

Moving: It’s An Adventure (Part 8)

Despite being initially behind schedule, we are doing pretty well.

We made it to from Buffalo, NY to Milwaukee, WI by night time, as we planned.  And, we were able to spend a little time visiting some friends along the way — In Chicago, and in Milwaukee.

We had originally planned to stay overnight with our Milwaukee friends, but we both have colds and didn’t feel like sleeping on the floor — we really just needed a good night’s sleep, & didn’t want to get anyone else sick, anyway.

Of course, an epic road trip requires appropriate reading material.

Moving: It’s An Adventure (Part 6)

Moving Milestone:

Today I finished shipping all the boxes of books, CDs and DVDs.  I think.  There may be some stragglers that I dig up when I finish up with my packing, but… Yeah, it’s pretty much done.  The pics here are only a portion of what I shipped — I think in all, there were about 10 boxes.  And I still had to leave behind/sell/donate a lot of things.  😦  Well, I took the most important stuff, anyway.

I still have a lot of my stuff for sale on Ebay. —> LINK

AND I am still accepting donations to financially help us with the move. —> LINK

ANY and ALL help is extremely appreciated!!

Moving: It’s An Adventure (Part 5)

It has been well over a month since my last update, and Moving Day is only 12 days away.  I am both excited and extremely anxious & sad about it.

What a whirlwind this past month has been.  Among the things that have happened in the last 30 days or so:

I’ve had the student art showcase at school, some doctor’s appointments, got my hair done, celebrated my 10th Second Life anniversary (aka my Rez Day), spent time cat-sitting, went to a couple of local theatre productions, had my graduation ceremony, (finally) had a (pretty successful) yard sale, went to a going-away party hosted for me by some dear friends, spent bonding time with my family, discovered that one of our outdoor/stray cats had died unexpectedly…  In between I’ve been packing like crazy, selling things on Ebay & local town classifieds.  Trying to sell the big items, my car & my exercise bike, sometime this week.  All the while, the process has become more complicated due to major road construction on my street.  Great timing.

My self-portrait diptych, ‘Hyper-Sentient_Self’ (archival inkjet print), 28×44″

Swanky doctor’s office

Neb’s 10th Rez Day

Neb’s 10th Rez Day

Cat sitting for Mr. Clover ❤

My graduation cap. Yes, I did use glitter. Yes, I did get it everywhere. Design is based on a painting I did, with a quote by my patron saint, VvG

Graduation panorama

Graduation ACC 002

Class of 2015!

I was awarded the President’s Medallion for Academic Excellence for achieving a perfect 4.0 GPA

Yard Salin’

Friends around the fire ❤

RIP Chewy 😦

Car 4 sale 😦


This week is crunch time.  I have to actually finish packing, for real.  I’ve been putting the rest of it off, because I am still somewhat in denial about the idea that I will never live in this house again in less than two weeks.  All of the things that make my room look like my room (the things hanging on the walls, etc) will have to come down.  It’s a weird feeling.  I’m excited for the adventures ahead of me, but also very traumatized about leaving behind my loved ones who live here on the east coast.

More updates soon, hopefully!

Chewy, one of the 2 stray cats we’ve been feeding & sheltering for about 12 years, is missing.

She showed up on our doorstep when we first moved into this house about 12 years ago, and if we hadn’t already had cats, we probably would have taken her in. We assumed that someone in our neighborhood who moved probably just abandoned her. We named her Chewy because, when you’d pet her, she’d be so happy that she’d kiss & lick & eventually bite you gently. We took her to the vet somewhat regularly to make sure she at least had her shots & all. During the colder months, we insisted on taking her inside to live in our basement where she could stay warm & safe, despite her reluctance to come indoors. She was always eager to get back outside again when the weather got warmer. She never strayed far from our porch and was always there to greet us as we came & went. She has always been an affectionate and gentle girl and seemed to have a happy life.

We haven’t seen her in 3 days, and for a day or so we assumed she was hiding out from the scary, noisy road construction that has been happening right in front of our house. But, she hasn’t returned, even at night time when everything is quiet, not even for food or water. At this point we are starting to realize that she may have passed away. We could tell she was getting up there in age, but had no clear signs that anything was wrong with her. She was probably at least 14 years old. I will really miss her, she was a very sweet cat. I feel a bit guilty too, thinking that we should have done more to make her life better. We love you, Chewy.  😦