What A Weird Week It’s Been – But, Hey, I’ve Finally Woken Up From Cyberspace Cryosleep!

It has been a crazy week full of ups & downs, but my big news is that I was FINALLY able to purchase a (refurbished) laptop, which means I can finally devote more time to getting down with some art that requires some heavy-duty computer processing power.
Nebby returns to SL_001
Except that I don’t have a lot of time at the moment — my big move to the west coast is only about 5 weeks away.  Between now and then, I still have a TON of stuff to do.

At least the student art show at my school is done.  I finally made it in to mat some of my larger pieces.  One of the other students was kind enough to mat some of my other work, so at least I didn’t have to do all of it myself.

IMAG0397I also was able to find time to help set up the student show.  I didn’t bother matting the two large self-portraits (on the right), we didn’t have foam core or mat board large enough to mat them anyway.  When the show is over, I’ll take them down & roll them up for transport.
Asnuntuck Community College student art show setupTuesday was the day my new laptop arrived.  Even though I’ve spent lots of time with my partner in meatspace, it was still nice to see him in the metaverse again.  Relationships formed in a virtual space are truly special, and continue to be even when you’ve met someone face-to-face in “real” life.

Nebby returns to SL_004

Peri & Neb at Fracture

I also got to spend some time getting reacquainted with some of my fellow artists at Medici University, a Second Life art collective.  I caught up with a few of them on Crit night (in which participating artists display a piece of their work, & everybody discusses it), which led to some laid-back, interesting conversations.

medici group crit_001FeelsEmpty suggested we take a field trip to my installation Too Many Flowers as part of the night’s crit, so I got to show something off as well.
medici group visits too many flowers_002I’m really glad to be able to reconnect with some folks here.  It is especially helpful to have Second Life as a sort of virtual comfort zone/safe place while I am going through so many stressful things in my life at once.  More on that eventually.

P.S. — I still need to get rid of some things/make some money for this move, so please check out my Ebay page and help me do that, thanks!


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