Moving: It’s an Adventure [Part 4]

Moving forward, although slowly, with the packing.  Now I’m focusing more on clothes, which I will be shipping to my new home via Amtrak freight.

You guys, I never thought I’d say this, but… I think I have too many socks.

too many socksUggghhh.  It took over an hour to sort through all of these.  I had to get rid of a lot of socks that were too old/worn out (threw out two grocery-store plastic bags’ worth), but was still left with about two blue plastic bins full (see above).
too many socks

Onto the actual packing of clothes.  Last Friday, my friend Paula came over & helped me to clear out the four giant fully-stuffed garbage bags of clothes that I wanted to donate to the local thrift store.  She wanted to donate some of her old things too, plus she had some cardboard boxes to give me.  So thanks to her, I have made some progress.

Packing continues to be emotionally difficult, though.  I can usually only stand to work on moving-related things for a couple of hours a day before getting too stressed out to continue.  But I’ve been trying to go out for walks on a daily basis, and that sort of helps.  Being in nature & fresh air is always at least somewhat comforting.

And Oatmeal is usually hanging around to keep me company.

Oatmeal's helping me pack

Oatmeal does her part by inspecting all boxes thoroughly.

Oatmeal's helping me pack

“dis one mine”

I’ve done some Googling to seek advice from other people who have shipped their things via Amtrak.  Seems that most people have had positive experiences with moving their stuff that way, and it’s certainly cheaper than renting a U-Haul or shipping container.  (Of course, we’re still going to have to rent an SUV to get me, my artwork, and Oatmeal across the country…)

There are some limits to shipping with Amtrak freight, but they’re very reasonable.  No breakables, nothing electronic.  No more than 50 lbs per box, & no more than 500 lbs per shipment.  Boxes must be no more than 3 ft x 3 ft X 3ft.  No big deal.

A few folks have said that it’s a good idea to pack things into plastic garbage bags before sealing them up in boxes, just in case.  I haven’t read any horror stories about people’s stuff getting ruined, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try & keep moisture out of my stuff.

Clothes box, plastic bags sealed

Packed & sealed

I would have kept packing — I was actually feeling okay about it today — but I’ve run out of packing tape for the moment, and won’t be going to the store until tomorrow.

Clothes box #1, ready to rock

Box #1 is ready for shipping

Post Script:  I added some new listings to my Ebay page, please do help me with my move by buying some of my stuff!


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