Today Has Been Canceled, But Here, Have Some Art [Redux]

Here are the student artworks I would have matted today for an upcoming show at my school — if it had not been for my anxiety.

For what it’s worth, I’m going to post a preview of those works.  All of these were completed in my Independent Study illustration course (which I created myself) in the Fall 2014 (and my final) semester. I don’t have really great pictures of the non-digital ones, unfortunately — some haven’t been scanned yet for higher-res images, and one is too big to scan anyway.  Add a potato quality camera phone, and… well, they won’t look as good as they will in person.  Eh, I guess most art is like that anyway, right?

Posted in the chronological order in which they were created.

Project #1: Photo reproduction combining 2 artworks and/or photos

project 1 finished

‘The Ritual’ 22.5 in. X 36 in. Marker, and Prismacolor pencils on bristol paper; approx. 34 hours. Tough to get a decent picture of this because of its size.

Gallery view of ‘The Ritual’

Project #2: Illustrate 3 dreams
(I asked my friends & family for dream stories for this project)

Approximately 15+ hours for each.


‘Dream – Popcorn Panic’ – 17 in x 14 in.; Ink, Marker, Prismacolor pencil on bristol paper


‘Dream – Scissor Skirmish’ – 17 in x 14 in.; Ink, Marker, Prismacolor pencil on bristol paper


‘Dream – Wolf Swing’ – 17 in x 14 in.; Ink, Marker, Prismacolor pencil on bristol paper

Project #3: Illustrations based on a work of literature
My choice:  Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

There Is No Why

‘There Is No Why’ – Digital Composition, dimensions variable

So It Goes (Before You Kill Somebody, Make Absolutely Sure He Isn’t Well Connected)

‘So It Goes (Before You Kill Somebody, Make Absolutely Sure He Isn’t Well Connected)’ – Digital Composition, dimensions variable

Listen (Billy Pilgrim Has Become Unstuck in Time)

‘Listen (Billy Pilgrim Has Become Unstuck in Time)’ – Digital Composition, dimensions variable

Mustard Gas and Roses

‘Mustard Gas and Roses’ – Digital Composition, dimensions variable

Project #4: Two self portraits — one with warm colors, one with cool colors


‘Hyper-Sentient_Self_(Blue)’ – Digital Composition, dimensions variable


‘Hyper-Sentient_Self_(Red)’ – Digital Composition, dimensions variable

So, yeah.  Thanks to my anxiety, my plans for today have been canceled.

I can’t pack anymore clothes today, because we had to abandon all of the empty boxes that my roommate had saved for me. She had them stuffed into the back of her car, and couldn’t fit the plastic bins I had just purchased in there without getting rid of something.  So we abandoned the empty boxes (which were quickly disintegrating in the rain anyway) by a trash can.

Today, I was also intending another attempt to make it to the school (my community college) to help the art department mat my aforementioned artworks for the upcoming student show in May. I have been wanting to drop my donation box of art materials to them anyway, so I’ve really needed to stop by over there.

I got all ready to go, and just as I was on my way out the door to leave… I couldn’t do it.  Sadness and grief washed over me like a tidal wave.  I couldn’t muster up the strength to go.  I mean, I could, but I’d be a crying, emotional mess in front of everyone and I don’t have the strength to allow that to happen today.

I had to email my professor to tell him that something came up at the last moment & I couldn’t make it, said I’d try again tomorrow.  He said no problem, that my art pieces that are going in the show are going to look really nice.

Maybe I’ll find the will to get to the school tomorrow.  We shall see.

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