Moving: It’s an Adventure [Part 2]

My deadline for packing is only about 2 weeks away, and I feel like there is still so much I need to do.

Progress has been really slow because:

  • I need more boxes (which my roommate brings home from work for me periodically);
  • I need to obtain some plastic storage bins, but I can’t really afford to buy them so I am putting the word out that I am in search of ones that people are willing to donate or sell to me for really cheap;
  • I need more actual ROOM to arrange and organize my stuff.  The house I live in now is very crowded and cluttered (one of my roommates is a pack rat).  Most of what I own is crammed into my bedroom, or stuffed into the basement somewhere.  I have been putting aside a bunch of stuff I intend to sell (via yard sales/Craigslist), but I literally only have a few square feet of space in which to do that.

I had intended to do more today, but I had a rough time at my therapist’s this morning, and once I was home I didn’t want to go out again.  So today was spent partially going through my closet, weeding out a bunch of clothing I don’t want (and remarking to myself, ye gods, I actually used to wear that?!), setting aside some stuff for donations, and a few things to sell.  I also cleaned a bit around my desk, got rid of a ton of old paperwork I don’t need anymore, and consolidated a lot of my important paperwork (birth certificate, etc.).

One of the things I originally had planned to do today was drop off a box of art supplies.  Yesterday, I went through all of my art supplies and thinned it out.  Unfortunately, I will have to leave a lot behind and can only take the basic essentials.  I saved one medium-sized bin of things, but the rest is going to be donated to my school for future art students who might need them.  Most of my oil paints and a few blank canvases are already at Peri’s, so that’s something at least.  It sucks, but I can’t afford to bring everything with me.

I also need to make yet another trip to the post office.  I’ve sold a few things on Ebay (<— link there for anyone interested), and I need to mail another box of my books to my new address.  Box #1 has made it there safely, and Box #2 is on its way, hopefully.

I think I need to also finally visit the local food shelf tomorrow so that I can get at least SOME of my food for free.  I only make about 40 bucks a week, and I need all the money I can get for my current bills and moving expenses.  And I think I need to take a walk and meditate, too, because the stress has really been wearing me down.

Hard to believe that in less than 2 months, I should be on the road and heading to my new home.

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