Long-Distance Moving Advice Needed

My long-distance partner & I just had our 3-year anniversary a couple of weeks ago, and we have decided the time is finally right to close the distance. I will be moving out west (WA) to be with him (I’m currently in CT) in mid-June of this year. I feel overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the move.

I am looking into various options for moving my stuff in the cheapest (but most reliable) way possible. I don’t have a lot of furniture to move, and I’m probably going to sell off a lot of my stuff as well, including my car.

One uncertain factor, is whether my cat will be coming along with me; I absolutely want to bring her, but there are other complications that might prevent it. So, the factors I need to consider: 1.) If my cat comes with me, I can rent a U-Haul, & it will cost about $2500; 2.) If I don’t take my cat, I could rent a PODs or a U-Haul container, and just fly to WA. ** The latter option seems the easiest & cheapest, but after reading some awful reviews about container moving (PODS in particular), I feel reluctant to go that route.**

If my cat DOES come with me, I need to figure out the best way of transporting her that will result in the least amount of stress to her. The long road trip will take about 5 & a half days if we’re on the road for 8 hours a day. I’ve never taken her anywhere except car rides to the vet, so she’s not very fond of car rides. How do I handle potty breaks for her, etc.?

I also need advice on transferring my state insurance to my new home state. I am currently on Medicaid (Obamacare), but my coverage is done through the state, not the federal level.

TL;DR – Moving 3,000 miles, have limited income, need to move cat safely with me, need to figure out how to transfer my healthcare & ANY other advice you may have (I’m sure there are plenty of things I haven’t considered). Thanks in advance!

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