First & Recent – Blog Challenge

Around the Second Life blogosphere, there is a meme challenge going around, & sometimes I think those are fun to do, ANNNND I am an introspective person by nature, SO I thought I would participate.

The challenge:

Share a side by side comparison of your first blog picture beside a recent picture of your avatar. Don’t forget to share the link to your image in the comments and add your pictures to the Blog Memes flickr group.

I believe this meme idea was given to me by Ms. Trixie Cliassi last year. The idea was to share a comparison of your first blog post to your most recent or new one. I’ve just taken a new snapshot similar to the old one of what my avatar looks like today. She also asked us to share our thoughts on how we feel we’ve improved as photographers or bloggers.


For my version of this challenge, I will instead focus on my past decade as an artist working in the metaverse.

then and now blog post challenge

My first Second Life-related blog was hosted on Deadjournal, and this is the first entry — the chronicle of my first art show in cyberspace, ever.  Back in ’05, the art scene in Second Life was pretty much non-existent.  It probably wasn’t until 2006 or so that art spaces started to really establish themselves.  When I started, I was like many current Second Life artists who merely upload their 2-dimensional work and apply it to flat prims in a traditional gallery setting.  But even then, when I was only a couple of months into SL and only a novice builder, I experimented with more dynamic ways of envisioning what art could mean in a virtual world.  In my first show, I included rotating objects & light —  back then, there was only the OLD, old lighting model (before hardware lighting, before the current advanced lighting model):

Previously, a prim could only be a light by setting its material to “light” and the color of the prim was also the color of the light it emitted.


Unfortunately, that lighting got to be very laggy so it had to be used sparingly.

The Angel With Two Faces' exhibition - 12


Since then, both the lighting model in SL my art, my avatar, AND my Self have evolved & improved.

kelly yap gallery_007


Immediate reflections & miscellanea on my evolution as an artist & as an avatar, between 2005 & now:

  • The color palette I’ve used seems to be pretty consistent.  I gravitate toward reds and blues often in my art, and in my avatar presentation.  I still use many of the themes that I used back then, too.  Generally, I build things that are any combination of beautiful, funny, and/or terrifying, and concepts that will provoke the thoughts & emotions of the viewer.
  • Since the beginning, as an artist I have been looking for ways to involve the viewer’s perception beyond mere visual appeal.  I use multiple layers (sound, light, movement, interaction) to provoke a deeper emotional and intellectual resonance.  As I enter my tenth year of creating art in Second Life, I have been deeply pondering what lies ahead and where I can go next.  I take my SL art seriously as a form of New Media art, and I yearn to expose my work to a wider audience in the “real” art world.
  • I am more androgynous now then I was then. I started out with a masculine avatar, then was exclusively femme for the first year & a half or so.  I’ve managed to hover somewhere between/beyond genders ever since.  The only thing about my avatar shape that has remained consistent is the shape of my face.  I consider my avatar to be part of my art, so my appearance is an art project in and of itself.


  • Out of all the people who have ever used Second Life, I am one of only 123 people who have the legacy surname “Severine”.  Additionally, there are only two users with the first name Nebulosus, and both of them are me.
  • It has taken me WAYYY too long to write this post today.

The SLurl to my main artspace, INTERMUNDIA, can be found here. —> Kress/206/85/146
Visitors will also find landmarks to some of my other art on display around the grid.

[*Note: this will be my last week in-world until I can get a new computer, so if you’d like to meet up with me to discuss art, identity, or anything else, please contact me soon.]

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