Second Life WordPress blogs

Since I’m pretty new to using WordPress I decided to see what other SL-related blogs are out there by searching “Second Life” as a tag and…. uhhh.  There are probably 99 fashion and/or shopping blogs for every SL blog that has any actual, INTERESTING content.  Not that shopping in SL isn’t interesting and fun — hell, I’ve logged countless hours customizing my avatar, too — but damn, no wonder SL still gets a bad rap.  If you had no idea what Second Life was all about, you’d REALLY have to do a lot of digging to find anything of substance.  BORING.  Where are the events and arts blogs?  Where’s the… y’know… CONTENT?  Oh well.  

I guess not much has changed, at least in that respect in the couple of years or so that I’ve been mostly missing from SL.  Anyway, I am lucky enough to have access (via my partner’s laptop) for another week or so, & I plan on checking out some art, and MAKING some art, while I’m there.  

‘Meantime, if you or someone you know has a pretty kick-ass SL WordPress blog, point me at ’em.



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